Custom Websites For Gunsmiths

Using and designing a website to increase profit and productivity in the gunsmithing industry.

by Chris Groote

In the November 2014 issue, Wendell Dwight Deaner touched on active computer use for gunsmiths (“Computers In The Shop”.) Upon reading it, I was prompted to take that to the next level and discuss designing and using a custom website for your business. The problem is the Internet and computers are foreign to many of us. Although we may have a Facebook account or browse websites like Brownells or eBay, it may still seem like magic. Others may have taken the plunge, bought an extremely expensive website that did nothing, and chalked it up as a waste of time and money. Done right, a well designed, useful website can revolutionize your business, save you time, and not cost a fortune.

A website is defined as “a virtual location connected to the Internet that maintains or contains one or more pages of information.” So, what is a website for your business going to do? Using Mr. Deaner’s article as a jumping off point, a well-designed website can allow the owner to manage and create forms for your business, print receipts for customers, track shipping, generate sales, track inventory, follow the progress of a custom build in your shop (and let the customer know of the progress), communicate with potential clients around the world 24 hours a day, and showcase your skills and products. Quite simply, the website can reach a huge volume of potential customers and it will do it day in and day out. About the only thing a website can’t do is the actual gunsmithing. That is your job!

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