Firearm Fundamentals

Gary Behr has authored a comprehensive compendium of firearms lore called Firearm Fundamentals.

Certified by the NRA as an Instructor and Range Safety Officer and by the Wisconsin Department of Justice as a Defensive and Arrest Tactics and Law Enforcement Security instructor, Behr has put together a solid one-stop resource for all things related to the gun at nearly 400 pages with over 200 illustrations and 600 terms and relevant descriptions. Behr started writing the book initially as a way to organize his training notes from various classes to help organize his own students. “There are a tremendous number of exceptional instructors and trainers out there and I want to give them one more tool to allow them to do their job more easily and effectively,” he says.

This book is divided into three major parts. Part I is an introduction for new gun owners. This section is an overview of the technology and basic usage of firearms with an emphasis on how to safely begin shooting. Intended as a quick and easy initial reference, this will familiarize anyone with the fundamentals of firearms by offering an overview of getting started and sets an initial stage for formal training of a beginner’s introduction to firearms, such as leading up to a formal course.

Part II delves into concealed carry and gets into the things needed for a person planning to safely and legally carry daily. Obviously, effective training needs both classroom and range exercises and a book by itself can not be a complete tactical or defensive course. Part III contains more detailed information, expanding into rifles, shotguns, sighting methods and more. This is followed by a glossary referencing about 600 useful firearm terms and concepts, and eighteen appendices covering topics such as sighting, zeroing and ballistic data, as well as training overviews. A quick reference guide rounds out the coverage.

Firearm Fundamentals is available in a number of editions for specific locations. In addition to an all-state overview, there are also state-specific editions for Florida, Utah, Texas, Wisconsin, and Washington covering legal concerns unique to each area.

Dealer pricing starts with a 25% discount below MSRP when ordering six books for your shop and an additional five percent discount for every additional half dozen books ordered. Details are at

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