Recoil Pad Installation On Synthetic Gunstocks

Installing a recoil pad on modern synthetic stocks can place a real demand on your skills. The job becomes even more involved if a stock needs to be cut off.

by Norman E. Johnson

It doesn’t seem so long ago all you could find was a walnut or laminate gun stock. Now there is a good chance you would walk away with the money if you bet that more than half of today’s target and hunting rifles are synthetic. Invariably, these stocks are equipped with some kind of rubber or composite recoil pad or butt plate. It seems modern shooters got tired of being kicked around by the butt end of a gun covered by steel or plastic. For various reasons some of these butt plates and recoil pads may be replaced. Stock length-of-pull, better recoil absorption, or just plain aesthetics are among the reasons for such changes. Sometimes the color is just a little off.

Before taking on such jobs, it will be to your advantage in knowing just what you’re dealing with.

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