Bedding The Model 504 Remington Receiver Ring

Sometimes a small—but critical—bedding area can be most difficult to deal with. The Model 504 Remington receiver ring is a typical example of this. Here’s how to fix it.

by Norman E. Johnson

The Model 504 Remington .22 rimfire rifle is capable of match grade accuracy, although bedding improvement is likely required or accuracy may be compromised. One crucial bedding area involves the very forward part of the receiver ring, which is only about a quarter inch in length. By comparison to most receiver ring bedding surfaces, this span provides only 0.025 inch of surface compared with a full inch on most rifles. This does, however, provide an adequate surface for bedding, provided it is very solid and properly fitted to the receiver. Brass is a good choice for making this bedding support. This can be formed from a worked over piece of brass pipe coupling or the like, which saves a lot of work.

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