Remington 700 Triggers

Trigger adjustment, improvement, and safety checks for a classic rifle.

by RK Campbell

The Remington 700 is among the best modern sporting rifles. Offered by Remington in many different variations since 1962 and available at the major sporting chains, the Remington 700 is an accurate, reliable, good looking rifle. Just the same, you will see quite a few in the shop. During the previous year I worked with two rifles that were improved by careful trigger adjustment and such good results are the norm.

While hard practice and attention to detail are the primary details in marksmanship, a good crisp and controllable trigger is an aid to the trained shooter. Trigger pull weight depends upon the individual. Some are capable of managing a light trigger well, finding 3.5 pound triggers useful. I’d never go below this for a sporting gun. A custom trigger is the answer for those willing and able to master a lighter trigger, but that is suited for target and varmint rifles and beyond our scope here.

Before beginning to work with the trigger I always take a trigger compression reading. While some use weights and that is good, I use either a Lyman or RCBS trigger pull gauge. A safety function check is also important and I conduct this before and after any work.

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