Shoot To Win

Chris Cheng was the overall winner of Top Shot, on the History Channel. The television series brings a variety of applicants with varying backgrounds and has them compete in unconventional and ever-changing elimination events. Contestants have included military, law enforcement, and civilians—some with previous competitive experience—and has them attempt various shooting challenges with an assortment of firearms and other weapons.

“Shoot to Win is for everyone who wants to learn beginning marksmanship or improve their skills at the range with their friends,” Cheng says. “I offer the tactics – like stress management and breathing exercises—that led me to win Top Shot against all odds as the underdog. My success for thriving no matter what is placed in front of you is all spelled out in this book and I hope people can take away numerous tips to help them succeed at whatever they set their mind to.”

Prior to winning Top Shot, Cheng was an unknown gun enthusiast working at Google as technical support for Google Apps and serving on the GoogleEDU leadership faculty. Since his win, he left Google to become an NRA News Commentator, Bass Pro Shops spokesman, and National Shooting Sports Foundation promoter. Cheng is an NRA Lifetime member and certified Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Instructor and was featured in the Second Amendment documentary Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire with Ted Nugent and Ice-T. From this experience he authored his book, Shoot to Win: Tips, Tactics, and Techniques to Help You Shoot Like a Pro.

Shoot to Win describes itself as, “A beginner’s guide to shooting from the Top Shot season 4 champion.” As an introductory text this is a nicely illustrated guide for beginning shooters. Cheng covers important topics, such as identifying firearm types, safety, purchasing firearms and ammunition, maintenance, and fundamental marksmanship with rifles, pistols, and shotguns. A nice overview of various competitive disciplines is included, as well as a chapter on learning theory and dry practice. Finally, Cheng wraps up with specifics on how he prepared for Top Shot and his life lessons learned. There are five parts (Shoot To Win In Life And Beyond, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, and Putting It All Together) with 26 total chapters. Cheng covers his approach to staying calm and sportsmanship, and provides insider’s insights about the show. Topics stay on target. Rather than cover ever possible nuance, Shoot To Win provides just enough fundamentals to get a new shooter started right.

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