Model 62 Winchester Hammer Spring Replacement

We don’t know the extent of a job until digging in, especially with older guns like the Winchester Model 62 or firearms without schematics.

by Norman E. Johnson

As a lad in the 1940s, I carried my uncle’s Model 62 Winchester afield for squirrels and other small game. The gun also was used for plinking and target practice. With its external hammer and tubular magazine, this little 5 ½ pound, slide action rifle was easy to use. I would often practice cocking the gun and letting the hammer down to its safe position, which also had to be done each time the gun was fired and reloaded. I can recall how easy it was to get the hammer back and reload the gun. Though I didn’t know exactly what went on inside the old gun, I had a pretty good idea.

Awhile back a gun collector brought me his external hammer Model 62 with a broken mainspring. The gun was original and in very good condition. He carried the replacement part with him and was told installation would be easy but his attempt to perform the work proved otherwise. His abortive efforts to remove the stock caused him to turn the gun over to me.

Replacing The Mainspring

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