Servicing The Timney M510 Trigger

Service and adjustment of aftermarket triggers requires careful attention to detail.

by Norman E. Johnson

Here I will discuss the Model 510 Timney trigger as installed on a short action Model 700 Remington rifle chambered in .22-250 Remington. The rifle was equipped with a 1:10 twist Douglas premium barrel and used for both targets and varmints where accuracy is essential. As received, the Timney M510 trigger was set at 1.6 pounds. The trigger was very dirty and the firing pin would sometimes fall on bolt closure, particularly if a slam-fire maneuver was used.

I began by thoroughly cleaning the trigger using lacquer thinner, a brush, and 80 pounds of compressed air. I then gave the trigger a thorough inspection. I couldn’t recreate the slam fire or failure to cock on bolt lift. Sometimes cocking a rifle and pulling the trigger with the safety on, followed by releasing the safety, will cause a lightly set trigger to fire the rifle, but this rifle passed that test. In any case, I felt this trigger should be adjusted to just over two pounds which was accomplished by both increasing trigger spring pressure and sear/trigger engagement.

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