Kahr Arms CW45 Repair

This compact polymer .45 is a popular concealed carry option. Here’s how I repaired one a customer brought into my shop.

by William O. Milne
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AMT Automag III

Fitting magazines for this out of production handgun.

by Dave Strom
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Making Contender Barrels The Easy Way

Open or expand the Contender market for your gunshop.

by Lowell Kenney, Gunsmith and Manufacturer
Eagle View Arms
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Gunsmithing The AR-7 Survival Rifle

Originally intended as a backup for downed Air Force pilots, Henry Repeating Arms now produces the AR-7 as their U.S. Survival Rifle. A Trinidad State-trained gunsmith demonstrates the particulars.

by Gary Yee
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How to Make a Mauser Bolt Turning Fixture

Specialty tools are useful but can be expensive, especially if used infrequently. Here’s how to save money by building your own.

by Ryan Hoover
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