An In-Line Muzzle Loading Pistol

The designer of the first in-line muzzle loading rifle discusses ideas for in-line pistols.
by Irven F. Palmer, Jr.

Most Americans are quick to embrace technological change or advances and we buy the new iPads, smart phones, flat screen TVs and hybrid-electric cars in great numbers. However, there are a few of us who want to retain the simplicity of having a firearm that does not require any pre-loaded, manufactured cartridges. All you need are the basics: Black powder, lead round balls or slugs, and a percussion cap.

The muzzle loading shooting community is a growing segment of shooting sports as witnessed by the rack of new muzzle loading firearms in any gun store. As most readers know, most of the cap and ball rifles made today are often in-line models. The term refers to the elimination of an external hammer in a muzzle loading firearm with an in-line bolt that moves straight forward to contact the percussion cap.

I designed the first modern in-line muzzle loading rifle back in 1963.

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