Making Contender Barrels The Easy Way

Open or expand the Contender market for your gunshop.

by Lowell Kenney, Gunsmith and Manufacturer
Eagle View Arms

Gunsmiths and serious shooters now have a way to make excellent barrels for the Thompson/Center Contender frame quickly and accurately. There is a strong market for custom Contender and Encore barrels. Stubbing is a good way of turning those takeoff barrels stacked in the back corner into sellable items. Barrels with the throats shot out can often be repurposed into very nice long range Contender pistol-length barrels. I recently took a brand new .17 Remington barrel of a CZ 527 to make a .243 wildcat with the action. The chances of a customer with a CZ 527 wanting to rebarrel to a .17 Remington was about nil so I took that barrel, cut off most of the chamber converted it into a .17 Hornady Hornet Contender barrel that would smoke out of here if I wasn’t fascinated with that new cartridge too.

If you can thread and chamber a bolt action barrel, you can tap into this lucrative single shot barrel market to build or expand your gun shops business line. The EVA Stub system makes it very easy. You will produce a superior product from what else is on the market as well. Borrowing the idea of cutting off old Contender barrels to make new ones, Eagle View Arms developed custom machined stubs supplied to our customers on barrels and to other gunsmiths as parts. As the demand grew the stubs have become our major product and will be expanded to the Encore barrels this summer.

The EVA Model C-Tb Stub Kit features a monolithic 4140 CNC machined Stub, a simple turn thread and mount with no welds Contender barrel, EVA Forever Tight locking bolts, EVA Constant Pressure two piece extractor with constant spring action, and a photo-intensive manual on a mini-CD or downloadable from the web site.

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