AMT Automag III

Fitting magazines for this out of production handgun.

by Dave Strom

The AMT Automag III is a semi-automatic pistol designed by Harry Sanford, creator of the first Automag. The pistol was originally manufactured by Arcadia Machine & Tool and later Irwindale Arms, Incorporated. Unlike Sanford’s first design chambered in .44 Automag with ballistics similar to the .44 Remington Magnum, the Automag III is chambered in .30 Carbine (the same cartridge developed for the WWII-era M1 Carbine) instead of a magnum cartridge. The Automag III is large, constructed of stainless steel, and well made. Sadly the company‚Äôs been out of business for sometime. Here’s how to fit and make new magazines for this pistol.
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