Kahr Arms CW45 Repair

This compact polymer .45 is a popular concealed carry option. Here’s how I repaired one a customer brought into my shop.

by William O. Milne

A customer showed up at my shop with a Kahr CW45 all locked up, slide stop pin in hand, with a spent cartridge in the chamber. After tapping on it with a wooden mallet while working the slide I managed to get the pin back in and eject the cartridge. During take down the problem was shown to me by the customer. The slide stop spring screw was loose. He had tightened it several times when the pin was working out.

On further examination I found the plastic hole that the #2-56 machine thread screw was supposed to nest in was stripped out. A call to Kahr’s service department revealed that their five year warranty covers the original customer only. A determination as to whether the damage was a factory defect could not be made over the phone and had to be examined by a factory representative. The usual fix was a frame replacement at a cost of $250.00 plus $65.00 for one hour of labor.

I decided to pursue an alternative fix for my customer. Here’s how I fixed it for much less.
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