SIG Sauer P290

Disassembly and reassembly of the first pistol SIG Sauer designed for CCW holders.

by Chick Blood

There will be more concealed carry pistols reviewed for iiAmerican Gunsmith. You may want to set up a file holding all for comparison. Would you ever compare Switzerland to the Wild West? No way. Not this place where exquisitely accurate time-keeping movements and the most mouth-watering of chocolates are born. Not this place where massive fortunes have been secreted in tight-lipped banks for decades. Not this place that historically remained neutral while world wars raged around it. Nay. Any degree of household invasion is considered a no-no, a nein-nein or a non-non to citizens of this multilingual land erroneously credited with inventing nothing except the coo-coo clock.

An uninformed visiting thug from any other nation might, therefore, believe the Swiss to be easy marks and set out to test the theory. Still, the breaking and entering crime rate ranges from low to none. Most of you probably know why. If not, try this on for consideration. The reason, students, is fear.
Switzerland practices universal military training. All males of a specified age span must serve. When enlistments are up they return home accompanied with a weapon they were issued. Most of these are rifles with fully automatic capability. Pistols and even sub-machineguns are not exempted. Faced with the prospect of engaging not merely one but several small arsenals in a neighborhood, individuals intent on mayhem think better of it and abandon their plans. As a result, Swiss households do not fear the night.

I wish that were true in this country. I know of at least one southeastern community in the United States (Kennesaw, Georgia) where household invasions happen as infrequently as in Switzerland. That town has a law making a home-based firearm mandatory. Hopefully a day not too far in the future will come when intelligence and political courage (if the two characteristics can ever exist simultaneously or otherwise) will result in statutes being enacted in all fifty states requiring a firearm to be present in every home. Regardless of the existence of such a law, it is the responsibility of every home owner maintaining a firearm for personal defense to practice all state and local regulations. Primary among those would be separate and safe storage preventing access to children as there’s no other reason strong locks and the means of attaching them to a firearm of any description accompany all guns shipped these days. Not necessarily secondary is a thorough knowledge of possible legal consequences to the owner when a gun is used for protecting the owner or another family member during household defense. The deepest well for gaining that knowledge from coast to coast wears the same sign: State Police. Become familiar with the legalities yourself and advise your customers to do the same. No, don’t advise. Insist. It’s in their and your best interests.

Ah, I sense increasingly hostile vibrations. I have spoken too little so far of this article’s primary subject. Forgive me.

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