Cable-Control Trigger Release

Trigger control has always been a critical issue in developing extreme rifle accuracy. This can be improved with a remote control trigger release, where the shooter’s hands don’t directly touch the rifle. Crafting some form of trigger release is quite rudimentary and the cost is low.

by Norman E. Johnson

Why is some form of trigger release needed? Though a cable control type of trigger release may not be used during actual hunting or benchrest competition, it becomes a very effective aid during the critical testing of a rifle, particularly with more accurate benchrest or target rifles using lighter triggers. The most common method in effectively testing a rifle for optimal accuracy is to rest the front and rear of the stock on very stable supports. These usually consist of a precision front bag rest and special sandbags with laterally positioned ears at the rear of the stock. In this way the rifle is carefully positioned and adjusted so the scope reticle is precisely on target with little or no help in guiding it with the hands or shoulder. Such human guidance almost certain to have a marked difference from shot-to-shot on target due to the inability to duplicate the hold and trigger pull from one shot to the next.

This is where the cable control trigger release comes to the rescue. Here’s how to build one.

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