Lauer Custom DuraBlue

Those wonderful folks who brought you the Bloomberg Gun bring on a bluing revolution. If your primary business is rebluing, you may be tempted to scrap your tanks.

by Chick Blood

Never heard of The Bloomberg Gun? Surely you jest. If not, then you’re likely among the multitude who prefer not to remember Michael Bloomberg, the multi-millionaire, TV channel owner, and a former mayor of New York City.

Of course Michael B. had crusades, too. Bloomberg deeply believed guns were evil. All guns. The most evil were guns of a color other than blue, blue-black, dull grey-green, dull grey, or chrome as those were how the guns being carried by the personal bodyguards and state troopers charged with protecting New York City’s Chief Executive looked.

To The Mayor, the solution to this ever-arising concern during his administration was to outlaw all products used to paint guns. Overlooked or deliberately ignored were any of the portable paint products sold in hardware, home improvement , hobby, and craft stores that could be used to paint a firearm. Most certainly it would include any coating, aerosol or otherwise, primarily intended for servicing guns. While the resulting prohibition allowed the continued availability of many other aerosol paint products at the mentioned sources, it ended up to being very specific . It flat outlawed one product well known in the gunsmithing/customizing business for strength, surface integrity, and prevention of rust: DuraCoat. The final decision was that DuraCoat is intended for guns, so it was banned.

This was taken personally in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, the home of Lauer Custom Weaponry (, 800/830-6677) and DuraCoat headquarters. Lauer Custom launched a lawsuit against the prohibition of their product but didn’t stop there. Lauer carried the company’s highly successful combo of DuraCoat and DIY camouflage templates to unmatched heights by converting a standard AR-15 into the Bloomberg Gun, intended as a gift for the Mayor. As far as I know, he rejected the offering while undergoing a snit. As a result, more unwelcome honors were subsequently heaped upon Hizzoner by LCW and DuraCoat. The Lauers have combined several of their coatings into the Bloomberg Collection. Each unique color in it represents a borough of New York City. There is Manhattan Red, Bronx Rose, Brooklyn Blue, Queens Green, and Staten Island Orange. Take note, those specific tones are only available as just described here. They cannot be imitated.

In my opinion and of others having seen the results, an even louder boom awaits the success of DuraBlue.

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