Gunsmithing Correspondence Schools

Not everyone can attend a resident course. Many universities offer distance learning for complete college degrees. Gunsmithing is no different.

by Jerry Spadorcio
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Now you see it, now you don’t. Like a magician’s trick, hydrographics is a simple method to add realistic camouflage to make any firearm virtually disappear.

by Roy Seifert
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Barrett Armorer’s Course – Henderson, NV

Here’s your chance to attend a Barrett Armorer’s Course in the Las Vegas area.

The 82A1/ M107A1 Armorer’s Course covers all Barrett large caliber semi-auto series rifles. Our Barrett armorers are prepared to share their unequaled knowledge. A two day (16 hr) course, the 82A1/ M107A1 Armorer’s Course covers operational theory, troubleshooting, and in-depth maintenance procedures. Upon successful completion of the course, each student is presented with a manufacturer certification which is valid for three years.

Class begins each day at 8:30 a.m. and generally lasts until 4:30 pm. (If you plan to travel home by air on the last day, please be prepared to stay until the end of the course.) Limited rifles and other tools are provided by Barrett for use during the course.

Barrett training courses are ITAR compliant and open to US Citizens, US Law Enforcement and US Military. ITAR regulations only allow Barrett to provide training to foreign citizens with US State Department approval.

As with all our training, you can also contract Barrett to hold courses at your facility. Private and custom courses are also available for military/police entities. For more information, contact

Course topics include:
• Rifle disassembly/assembly
• Cleaning and lubrication
• Rifle function and troubleshooting
• Field maintenance
• Gauging techniques
• Practical final exercise

Equipment List:
• Note-taking materials
• Eye protection

Magazine Checks

Dusting off a few proven techniques for improving accuracy.

by Joe Carlos
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The Basics Of Cut Rifling A Rifle Barrel

Using modern machines and tools to create those important grooves.

by Charles J. Moore
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Ruger Scout Rifle

Ruger’s Scout Rifle is built exactly like a Ruger Model 77. Almost.

by Chick Blood
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Guns Of Outlaws