Workshop Aids On A Budget

These shop-made helpers are easily made, often with materials on hand.

by Dick Maheu
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Glock Custom Barrels

Fitting aftermarket barrels in popular service pistols.

by RK Campbell
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Scoping Henry Lever Action Rifles

While breaking tradition, open sights were replaced by a scope on this legendary rifle.

by Norman E. Johnson
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Chiappa Rimfires

Takedown and reassembly of two Chiappa .22s handguns.
by David W. Manney

The Chiappa Group is the parent company of Chiappa Firearms, Armi Sport, Kimar, ACP, and Costa metal surface treatment. Here’s maintenance details of two of their popular rimfire handguns.
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Detail Cleaning Shortcut

An old gunsmith’s secret for detail cleaning any firearm quick.

by Chick Blood
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Shooter’s Bible Guide to Tactical Firearms

Shooter’s Bible Guide to Tactical Firearms

Long range shooting enjoyed a tremendous boost during the Industrial Revolution when the means to mass produce consistently-made rifled firearms became reality. Previously limited to select specialists, rifles were commonly issued by the mid-1800s. The problem then became how to exploit this new ballistic potential. A similar issue arose by the mid-1900s when militaries wanted to create formalized programs for sniping. The solution to both was found in organized competitive shooting.
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