Chiappa Rimfires

Takedown and reassembly of two Chiappa .22s handguns.
by David W. Manney

The Chiappa Group is the parent company of Chiappa Firearms, Armi Sport, Kimar, ACP, and Costa metal surface treatment. Here’s maintenance details of two of their popular rimfire handguns.

Chiappa’s SSA 1873-22 is a Colt 1873 reproduction that shoots .22LR, .22L, .22S and/or .22MAG.

The Chiappa 1911-22 may look like a 1911 but it is a completely redesigned handgun, not just a .22 conversion put on a 1911 frame. Made out of “Chiappalloy” it has mass like a 1911 and handles like a centerfire with less recoil. This is a good training gun. Since this is not a 1911 clone, field stripping is different.

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