1. Thanks for the video. I have a Random with a Polish Eagle and weirmach stamps. I guess I got a great deal because I paid less than $500 for it. Only problem is the welding on the base of the mag broke and I can’t find a decent replacement.

  2. About the only source for replacement magazines that I’ve found if triple K https://www.triplek.com at about $33 each all I can say is that they work in my guns. The only other option I am aware of is to buy originals but those usually start at $100 and up on Gunbroker. Based on what you paid for the gun perhaps you will get lucky again on magazines. One word of caution I will pass along regarding original Magazines. They were made by slave labor and there have been reports that many mags were found with springs that has been partially cut or crimped. It was subtle sabotage hoping the magazine would pass a function test but fail when fully loaded. Replacement springs are available from Wolff Gunsprings

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