Paul Mazan: Remington Rolling Block

Regular American Gunsmith contributor Paul Mazan demonstrates and shoots a little history: The Remington Rolling Block

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2 Responses to “Paul Mazan: Remington Rolling Block”

  1. Sandy Eisele, Ph.D. Says:

    Mr Mazan, I hate to jump in the middle of great articles, however, the article on cleaning lead was outstanding. I have an Outers II which works like a champ for lead and copper. Regrettably, I ran out of solution and can’t find a resupply. Any hints.?
    Thanks, Sandy

    • John M. Buol Jr. Says:

      From author Paul Mazan.

      The Foul Out appears to have been discontinued as I cannot find it anyplace including the Outers Laboratories website. Unfortunately, it appears the chemicals are no longer available. I received this confirmation directly from the company:

      Thank you for your inquiry. I’m sorry but the Foul Out System was discontinued about seven years ago and Outers no longer has parts or chemical solutions in stock.

      Jim Rex
      Outers Technical Services
      Anoka, MN

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