The Winchester Model 94

A fresh look at what’s gone on inside Browning’s classic!

by Dick Maheu

It can be argued that the legendary Winchester Model 94 could be John Moses Browning’s finest achievement. Having started out in 1894 with the .32-40 and .38-55 black powder cartridges, this model has come in dozens of configurations, calibers, commemorative versions, and model designations over the years. At 7,000,000 units strong, it is the first sporting rifle to make that number and has become synonymous with the .30-30 cartridge.

The subject of this article will cover the basic differences between an old model 94 chambered in .32 Special and a newer .30-30 Ranger Angle Eject carbine. The .30-30 was graciously loaned to me by the Old Town Trading Post ( under the new ownership and management of Dave and Melissa Lorenz and his capable gun guru, Dave MacDonald.
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