Forend Barrel Bedding System Installation

The proper use of an adjustable stock forend bedding system can be an effective way to dampen barrel vibration and improve rifle accuracy. A capable craftsman can make and install all the required parts.

by Norman E. Johnson

A number of different methods of improving rifle accuracy by reducing barrel harmonics are used. Full forend barrel bedding is sometimes effective but will vary from one gun to the next and is subject to changes within the stock, showing up as bullet point-of-impact problems. Other barrel tuning methods are used, including a device attached to the front of the barrel like the Winchester/Browning BOSS (Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System). Here, an adjustable collar screwed onto the muzzle is used to tune-in accuracy. I have used several of these barrel-mounted tuning systems with varying degrees of success.

Another barrel tuning method not attached directly to the barrel involves a pair of triangularly-positioned stock screws installed in the stock forend from below. My first experience with this method of barrel tuning included three of my Model 40X Remington target rifles.

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