Better Ammunition

No matter how proficiently the gunsmith performs his work, no gun will shoot bad ammo well enough to win.

by Joe Carlos

I was disappointed when I accepted the position of Armorer for the Army Reserve Shooting Team and machine-rest tested all 135 of the Team’s match AR-15 Service Rifle uppers. I found only 39 would shoot 10 shot groups of minute of angle using Team-issue match ammo. That was unacceptable and it took an enormous amount of work to correct. I had to not only rebuild the guns but make the ammo “more better” as well. When I left the team I had cut average group sizes fully in half and every one of those 135 uppers would shoot sub-minute machine rest groups.

While our focus usually isn’t on ammunition and reloading, we want our customers to be happy with the guns we build for them. None of us can build guns accurate enough to compensate for bad ammo. Concentricity and management of run out is cheap and effective. It also works on factory and hand loads, rim fire and centerfire ammunition for rifles and pistols.

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