Colt New Service

Colt’s classic war-time New Service revolvers may no longer be current issue but you’ll probably still see them on your bench.

by RK Campbell

Not long ago I was in one of my favorite shops and the proprietor asked for a smidgen of knowledge since I was an “old gun guy.” I suppose I have earned the title. Old gun guys sometimes have good knowledge that isn’t strictly found in technical books. I have researched firearm history practically since I could read, beginning with books by C.B. Colby.

Expedients used in war sometimes work well for general gunsmithing. For example, getting well-worn M1 Garands shooting again can be helped with tricks first used on Guadalcanal. The same applies to the Colt New Service double-action revolver. The New Service is among the great, under-rated revolvers of all time in my opinion.

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