Customer Service Video

Here is an excellent example of customer service from of Omega Holsters.

I suggested to the owner to deduct that dollar off the invoice due to the customer his own home oven and to request photos of the new holster in use.

Gunsmith Job in Georgetown, Texas

There is an exciting opportunity for a Gunsmith in Georgetown, Texas.

If the opportunity seems like something you’d want to pursue, prepare a resume, visit the above link (JobID: MD2-1289552)

3 Gun 4 Vets

From MAJ Luke Gosnell

We finished up a 3-gun training class last night for two awesome Wounded Warriors who have for quite some time wanted to try the sport, but didn’t have the knowledge, equipment and friends that also wanted to try it with them. If any of you know of any vets that have not shot competitively before and would like to get free training with equipment and ammo provided, please share the link below or my contact info with them.


Scope Reticle Replacement

Innovative gunsmiths can meet their customer’s needs. A request to replace a scope reticle proved to be a new, fulfilling challenge.

by Norman E. Johnson
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Correct Handgun Sight Adjustment

The variety of sights used on handguns can warrant gunsmith attention for this seemingly-simple task.

RK Campbell
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