Fix It Sticks

Fix It Sticks introduces miniature torque limiter kits available as individual components, or grouped together into various portable kits.

The kits consist of:

Miniature Torque Limiters: Designed to prevent overtightening, the pre-set limiters are designed to hold any standard 1⁄4” bit, and work with any standard bit driver. They prevent the user from applying more torque than the specified value. Currently available in 65,45,25, and 15 inch lb values (for general optics mounts) as well as some firearm specific values (49, 70, and 80 inch lb).

Fix It Sticks: Our portable “sticks” that snap together into a T-Handle for easy torque application. The ends of the sticks accept any standard 1⁄4” Bit or miniature torque limiter.

Bits: 16 firearm related 1⁄4” bits and a 1⁄2” Socket with bit adapter.

Case: Zippered pouch or a deluxe case.

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