Working .22 Rifles

Providing good service for small, common repair jobs can help build your gunsmith business.

by RK Campbell
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Soft Metal Vise Jaws

Few tools are more used by the gunsmith than the bench vise with cross-hatched steel jaws and a swivel base. Here’s how to make a set of jaws out of copper or brass.

by Norman E. Johnson
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Counterbalancing Rifle Stocks

In the accuracy arena, where 1/8 minute of angle makes a difference, overall rifle balance can play a huge part. Among the more useful aids in achieving stock/rifle balance is additional weight in the buttstock.

by Norman E. Johnson
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.32 Rimfire Conversion

Rifles chambered in obsolete calibers present unique restoration opportunities and challenges.

by Paul Mazan
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Bullet Seating Sweet Spot

Determining ideal loading maximizes ammunition effectiveness.

by Joe Carlos
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While the P9R looks like a Hi-Power clone on the outside, this Hungarian-made pistol is anything but on the inside.

by Dick Maheu
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Firearms Guide Online

Impressum Media, publishers of the Firearms Guide DVD-based gun guide series, has made this resource a subscription-based online service. is a researchable, globally-accessible database of firearms, air guns, and ammunition for industry professionals and enthusiasts. The Guide offers complex search functionality by combining up to 14 key search criteria such as caliber, country, year, action type, stock type, manufacturer, etc.

Guns and ammo are presented with tech-specifications, features, ballistic information and up to 12 high-resolution, zoom-able color pictures for each per model. Values of antique guns and prices of new guns are provided for traders along with thousands of printable gun schematics and parts lists for gunsmiths. The resource is updated 26 times each year with newly-released guns and more collectible firearms. Currently, over 61,000 antique and modern firearms are featured, along with airguns, ammunition from 902 manufacturers worldwide, and firearm manufacturers from 50 countries.

The service offers complete transparency as all models, manufacturers, and schematics are available to check out prior to purchasing a subscription so users know what is available before subscribing. In addition, multiple level subscriptions range from Total Access to subject-specific sub-levels such as Handguns, Rifles, or Shotguns, or more specialized topics based on a single model. There is nothing to download or install and subscribers can login from any computer or tablet.

Features and specific, searchable items include a US-to-EU Ammo Caliber Chart with a cross reference of standard and metric calibers in the Ammunition section and a one click search for popular specific firearms such as 1911s, AR-15s and AR pistols, Kalashnikovs, derringers, pepperbox pistols, and Gatling guns. One click search functionality available by manufacturer. For example, selecting “Beretta” yields search results only for antique and modern handguns, rifles, shotguns, military, and air guns made by Beretta and organized in groups. Unlike search engines like Google, this makes complex, specific searching more easily accomplished. Guns, ammo, and ballistics information are cross-referenced. Finally, 650 printable targets are available for download.

Impressum Media has a series of video demonstrations and tutorials for free:

Firearms Guide ONLINE:

Gun Schematics Library:

Side-by-side comparison search feature: