Counterbalancing Rifle Stocks

In the accuracy arena, where 1/8 minute of angle makes a difference, overall rifle balance can play a huge part. Among the more useful aids in achieving stock/rifle balance is additional weight in the buttstock.

by Norman E. Johnson

The counterpoised rifle stock has particular application in the benchrest rifle. Here, the rifle rests on special supports, usually consisting of sand-filled bags as an interface. The front support is positioned along the forend of the rifle and the rear sandbag support immediately forward of the buttplate. As a heavier barrel is installed on the rifle there is an increased uplifting of the buttstock with some loss of rifle stability and control. Adding some form of weight here does the trick. Some use clay as a filler in those composite stocks which are hollow. Wood stocks allow a different choice in counterpoised weight control. In this case, more dense weight like lead or tungsten are a good choice. Here is how I did it with excellent outcome.

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