Cobra Pistols

Disassembly and assembly of the Cobra Firearms CA blowback semi-auto pistols and derringers.

by David W. Manney

Based on the guns I see commonly sold at gun shows, inexpensive pistols are fairly common and you’ll likely have a customer bring you one. Here’s how to work on several from Cobra Firearms.

Cobra CA

The Cobra CA series is compact series of light carry pistols. The following instructions will work for the CA32 and CA380 chambered in .32 ACP and .380 ACP, respectively. This gun resembles the Jimenez JA32, a beefier and heavier version of this type of pistol.

Cobra Derringer

After the 9mm conceal carry guns, this is the most popular handgun sold at our local gun shows. Cobra makes derringers in cartridges ranging from .22LR to .45 Long Colt, though the 9mm and .38 Special are most popular, with the 9mm version outselling the .38 primarily due to most buyers already having a 9mm firearm and not needing another type of ammunition.

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