Prepping The Remington 7600

How to prepare the Remington pump-action rifle for the hunt.

by Brian Capps

The early November morning stillness was shattered by a ferocious blast. The walkie-talkies lit up, “What the hell was that?” “That” was a 7mm Winchester Short Magnum and I was deaf in my left ear for half an hour.

It all started two days earlier as we planned for opening day of deer season. I had brought a woods rifle but had a chance to hunt a large, open field that was practically guaranteed to produce a fine buck or doe. My good friend Gene offered me his Winchester Model 70, commenting that it was sighted in and ready to go. Good thing it was as he only had three rounds left. That 21st century cannon worked very well as I got a young buck, although I did end up having to wade into a pond to retrieve him. I decided right then I’d get my own longer range rifle, but something a bit milder. A trip to the next gun show had me walking away with a smile on my face and a .30-06 Remington Model 7600 in my hands.

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