Revolver Repair

Important and common things to check when working on revolvers.

by RK Campbell
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AR-15 Barrel Treatments For Maximum Precision

Barrel treatments have the potential to improve accuracy but are not a guaranteed cure. Here’s the chilling truth about cryogenic barrel treatment and fluting.

by Joe Carlos
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Savage 167

Gunsmithing the Savage 167 pump action shotgun.

by Gary Yee
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Italian Replica Firearms

Companies from Italy have produced numerous replicas of famous firearms from the 1800s. Here’s how the Italians won the West.

by Ryan Hoover
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ITAR Lawsuit

From Rob Lyman, Leo Combat LLC

I am sure you and your readers are concerned about the new ITAR guidance and its effect on small gunsmiths.  Last October, I sued the State Department over that very issue, seeking to have ITAR overturned, or at least have its application limited to actual exporters.  Unfortunately a couple of days ago my lawsuit was tossed on a technicality—the judge found that my company doesn’t have standing to sue, despite being a type 07 FFL with gun designs ready, there isn’t a “real” case because the government isn’t actually prosecuting me.


My intention is to register and pay the fee, and then sue for a refund.  Unfortunately my basement startup can’t afford that (which is why I sued—small business and startups are cash-strapped), but I did throw up a GoFundMe page hoping that gun owners and gunsmiths might chip in to help me do it.  I don’t know if your readers would be interested or not, but I thought I’d let you know.


You can read about the lawsuit and even read the critical documents at


The GoFundMe page is

Rob Lyman

Leo Combat LLC

More about ITAR: