These Are My Guns

How The Anti-Gun Crusaders Have Invented A Public Health Crisis To Sell Their Misguided Agenda

This book is an examination of Second Amendment rights in the United States and presents many facts and statistics that refute the anti-gun movement. Author Robert Jordan provides a definitive and in-depth examination of the anti-gun movement’s claims and tactics, and the facts and statistics that completely refute them. Jordan emphasizes he is not a politician, political operative, or media expert with a bully pulpit, just a regular American citizen with a desire for exhaustive research that is tired of seeing Constitutional rights under attack.

These Are My Guns begins with an overview of the the issues and some of the root causes and continues with a historical breakdown of events and writings by people influential before, during, and after the Constitution was framed and written and goes up through modern court rulings on Constitutional law concerning the Second Amendment. This is followed by Cold Hard Numbers, a chapter detailing statistical analysis of data as published by various government agencies. Following this overview, Jordan continues with Anti-Gun Tactics and News Media Complicity, giving examples of how policy and reporting differs with ASAAs (Anti-Second Amendment Activists) from collected data. The wraps up with a point-by-point rebuttal of an Institute Of Medicine report, the author’s conclusion, a comprehensive set of tables concerning injury rates as reported by government agencies and an extensive bibliography and reference section.

In a review from PublishNext, they said, “’These Are My Guns’ is a well-written, data-driven treatise on the right of United States citizens to own guns. It looks at the country’s founding documents and major Supreme Court cases, examines common arguments against gun ownership, and presents statistical data supporting ownership. The manuscript is well-documented, containing many citations.”

Originally from Flint, Michigan, Jordan is an architect as well as chief photographer of Spectre Imaging, specializing in architectural and outdoor photography. This is his first book and he was driven to write it in defense of Second Amendment rights that he sees as eroding along with other basic rights that are supposed to form the backbone of the United States.

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