AR-15 Barrel Harmonics

An approach that can cut your group size by about 20%.

by Joe Carlos
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Mini Machines For Gunsmiths

Gunsmiths may not have the need (or the capital) for expensive machining equipment. Here are examples of small and affordable machines for your shop.

by Jerry Spadorcio
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Allied Machine & Engineering S.C.A.M.I. Roller Burnishing tools

Allied Machine & Engineering, a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing tooling systems, announces the availability of S.C.A.M.I. Roller Burnishing tools, ideal for firearms manufacturing, automotive, or hydraulic industry applications. The tools are available through an exclusive supply agreement with S.C.A.M.I., an Italy-based maker of high quality precision tools.

Offered in both through hole and blind hole options, the roller burnishing tools create a mirror-like finish and provide a hardened surface due to cold working the material. The tools can be used on either CNC or manual machines to achieve very precise finishes or to harden machined surfaces.

The S.C.A.M.I. roller burnishing tools are available for through holes from 3.95 millimeters (mm) to 165.9 mm and for blind holes starting at 5.89 mm and going to 165.9 mm. They are also available in a variety of lengths, in both cylindrical and Morse taper options. Special sizes and application-specific designs can be ordered.

The introduction of the new roller burnishing line further extends Allied Machine & Engineering’s ability to assist customers with a full range of hole finishing technologies, including drilling, threading, reaming and boring. Customers can now consolidate their holemaking and finishing technology vendors, with one channel for support.

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About Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.:

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp is a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing tooling systems. Allied devotes its advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities to creating the widest selection of value-added tooling available to metal-cutting industries around the world. Our tooling solutions deliver the lowest cost-per-hole in a wide range of drilling, reaming, threading, and boring applications.

Located in Dover, Ohio, Allied’s precision holemaking technologies provide end users worldwide with the highest level of drill performance. Precision engineering and expert application support make Allied the first and best choice for solving complex metal-cutting challenges.

Holemaking Technology

Increasing efficiency, quality, and precision in firearm manufacturing.

by Kevin Vanderbeck and Justin Krusko
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1851 London Navy

Cap and ball revolvers are still great shooters. Here’s how to prep a Uberti/Cimarron London Navy for black powder.

by Ray Ordorica

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