AR-15 Parts

An overview of AR-15 parts.

The Bravo Company Manufacturing ( BCMGunFighter stock is a tough, collapsible, lightweight (seven ounces) polymer unit for mil-spec receivers. The patented design is modular, consisting of five total parts and one screw, and can be adapted in to a number of options and configurations. The latch, made from heat-treated steel, fits standard buffer tubes, dissipates impacts to mitigate damage is struck, and fits flat to block out debris or obstructions. There are two different types of ambidextrous sling mounting options, including quick-detach swivel sockets. A removable VBOST (Vehicle Borne Operations Sling Tab) interfaces with the a rigger’s band or bungee to secure the sling against the stock when not in use, which is often useful inside vehicles. Each stock is capped with a integrated, color-matched rubber butt pad for secure placement in the shoulder pocket, less skin abrasive than typical plastic units, and increased durability. These are available in black, flat dark earth, green, and gray.

Meprolight FRBS

Optical sights have become increasingly common on service rifles for the past several decades. In fact, most military and police forces now have some sort of optic as standard issue on their long guns and military-style Service Conditions matches throughout NATO have been based on Even American National Match Course competitors of the Civilian Marksmanship Program, true iron sight stalwarts, have instituted optic sights into Service Rifle competition. Of course, as with any technology, a prudent person prefers back up should things fail.

Back up iron sights are nothing new, including flip up models. However, many models are rather rudimentary as they are “only” for back up. Few offer night capability. Meprolight Front & Rear Backup Sights are Picatinny-mounted, flip-up, Tritium-powered back up sights designed for AR-15 rifles, though they can be used on any suitable long gun with a rail. Made in Israel, these are rugged, click-adjustable, full-size AR-15 sights that fold and store flat while being instantly available as needed. Both the front and rear sight contains self-illuminating Tritium that provides clear, visible sights in all lighting conditions.

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