Custom Gunsmith Casting Call

I’m a casting producer for a production company out of Los Angeles. We’re currently working with a major cable network to find artisan custom gunsmiths for a new TV project we’re working on. I wanted to contact you guys to see if you would be able to help spread the word about our search or happen to know of someone who’d be a good fit!

We are looking for the “go-to” gunsmith for a small town or community. Does everyone in the community go to this gunsmith for buying or repairing their guns? Has gunsmithing been in their family for generations? Do they forge or repair creative custom firearms?

If you know anyone who would be a good fit for this project, please have them contact me! I’d love to chat with them. They can either send me an email (luke.swinney -at- or give me a call.

Luke Swinney
This Is Just A Test | Casting Associate
1200 Venice Blvd., 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90006

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