New 1911 Grip Screws

A new and much needed improvement of grip screw bushings for 1911s.

by RK Campbell

There is a short list when looking for ways to improve 1911 handgun performance. I sometimes add good sights to GI 1911A1 pistols. Even the very best 1911 handguns from major makers will benefit from a properly-fit Bar-Sto barrel. There is one basic problem everyone working these pistols regularly finds – and cusses – but we don’t usually attempt a long term fix. I am talking about grip screw bushings. The rub is there are few 1911 shooters happy with factory grips. Various makers offer so many excellent custom grip options (I’m a fan of and use custom grips on all my 1911s) and this leads to grips being changed out often. With this many change outs, the grip screws and grip screw bushings can give us trouble. I was excited to finally find a fix.

When I first examined the bushings from Challis Grips (, 801/571-5247) the hex head design alone was worth serious study. However, it was the addition of an O ring that made me contact the manufacturer to learn about his intent and purpose more closely.

Read more in the December 2016 issue.

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