United States Rifles and Machine Guns

From Reader Ken Angst

United States Rifles and Machine Guns: A detailed account of the methods used in manufacturing the Springfield, 1903 model service rifle; also descriptions of the modified Enfield rifle and three types of machine guns
by Fred Colvin and Ethan Viall


Dated 1917, anyone who is interested or involved in the maintenance or restoration of the US Rifle Caliber 3o model of 1903 will find this detailed engineering book invaluable. Included are all of the machining specifications and information on the tools used to manufacture the 03. You can zoom in and read the small print if you need to.

Glock Custom Ideas

An overview of ideas and reasons for home gunsmiths interested in customizing Glocks.

by Dylan Courtney
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Converting Ruger Redhawks

Firearms that shoot multiple calibers are more flexible, cost effective, and just plain fun to shoot. Here’s how I converted a Ruger Redhawk .45 Colt to shoot .45 ACP.

by Roy Seifert
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Custom Ruger Model 44 Scope Base

Where a rifle is designed for a two-piece scope base and the customer wants a one-piece base, it’s time for some serious searching. Here’s how I adapted a one-piece scope base to a Ruger .44 Magnum rifle.

by Norman E. Johnson
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Beginning Engraving

Getting started on getting good results with engraving is easier than you may think! Here’s how to begin.

by Ray Ordorica
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More Smithin’ Tools

Here are some more shop-made tools that will save time and money.

by Dick Maheu
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Custom Sight Picture

Introduction to determining your optimum optical correction for shooting with Dr. Alan Toler.