Glock Custom Ideas

An overview of ideas and reasons for home gunsmiths interested in customizing Glocks.

by Dylan Courtney

I have many friends and family members regularly asking why I make modifications to my firearms. “Why did you do that to your Glock? It was fine before.” I always reply, “Because it’s my gun and I wanted to.”

This article is more for those at-home gunsmiths and do-it-yourselfers preferring to learn on their own. As to the “Why?” – the first question anyone choosing to customize an already-working firearm will likely get – this isn’t a question you need to answer to anyone but yourself. For me, the answer is easy as I just like working on my guns and I like the idea of improving something. My Glock is my go-to home defense gun and for this reason I want it to be the very best that I can make it. Your reason may differ from mine merely wanting to is reason enough.

Let’s begin by looking over the handgun.

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