Fixing The AK

Working on and improving a Century Arms Kalashnikov-type 5.56mm rifle. Here’s how to fix common AK problems.

by RK Campbell
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J.C. Higgins Restoration

Sometimes we take on jobs that aren’t very pretty, but we still do them. Here’s how I did a total restoration of an old, damaged J.C. Higgins bolt action shotgun.

by Norman E. Johnson
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Allied Machine TECMA demonstration

Allied Machine Offers Original T-A® Drill at TECMA 2017

Visit Booth 1060 to see how to reduce downtime and lower cost per hole

Dover, OH – Allied Machine & Engineering, a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing tooling systems, will highlight its line of replaceable tip Original T-A® drill systems at TECMA 2017, which will be held March 7-10, 2017, at Expo Bancomer Santa Fe, in Mexico City, Mexico. Visit Booth 1060 to see the T-A drill system, which features high performance inserts and holders particularly ideal for automotive holemaking applications used in manufacturing engine blocks, crankshafts, pistons, and suspension parts. Using T-A drill systems helps manufacturers achieve costs per hole that are 25-50 percent lower than other options in the marketplace.
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Gun Barrel Honing

Honing machines can outshoot hand lapping in manufacture of precision rifle barrels. Here’s how Pac-Nor Barreling does it.

by Ray Kemble
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Reactivating Drill Rifles

Restoring deactivated drill rifles preserves American military history. Here’s how a Springfield 1903A3 was brought back to life.

by Roy Seifert
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