The War On Guns

The War On Guns
Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies
by Dr. John Lott

Dr. John Lott is likely familiar to readers here. An economist having held research and teaching positions at UCLA, Yale, Stanford, University of Chicago, Wharton, and Rice, has long been known for his very dense, data-filled pro-gun argument. The War On Guns is no different. His previous research as published in More Guns, Less Crime, The Bias Against Guns, and Straight Shooting: Firearms, Economics and Public Policy were published in 1998, 2003, and 2006, respectively. This new text updates current information and trends in the decade since.

Starting with “Changes in Public Perception” Lott details how public perception based on opinion polls is indicating increased pro-gun feeling among the general American public. This despite “Academic ‘Experts’ And Media Bias” showing how the general media’s reporting remains unbalanced against guns and gun owners, as Lott reported in The Bias Against Guns. The troubling part is, in addition to the general public’s increasing positive outlook on guns, economists and criminologists generally share this view based on Lott’s survey results.

Lott continues with chapter-long analysis of current trends and data, looking into “Why Licenses, Regulations, and Background Checks Don’t Help”, “Police and Gun Ownership”, “How Does the U.S. Compare to Other Countries”, “Do Countries with More Guns Have Higher Homicide Rates?”, “ Does Australia Show That Gun Control Works?”, “ Mass Public Shootings: The Myths Debunked”, “Bathtubs and Motor Vehicle Regulations”, “Background Check Myths”, “Stand Your Ground Laws”, and “Background Checks on Private Gun Transfers.”

As you’d expect from a doctor of economics with a substantial research background, Dr. Lott documented this work well. Pp. 223-303 covers notes and references. This a timely and well-researched update to Lott’s previous works.

Read more in the March 2017 issue.

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