Ruger No. 1 Modifications

Here are the must-have modifications and improvements for Ruger’s No. 1, especially the Tropical Rifle variant.

by Ray Ordorica

The grand old Ruger No. 1 has been with us since 1967 and has had just about every cartridge known to man chambered in its barrel along the way. There have been many different versions of the gun over the past 50 years of its production but none more serious in appearance than the (1-H) Tropical Rifle version in the classic “African” calibers. The Tropical Rifle most closely imitates the fine English single-shot rifles from over a century ago. It has a Farquharson-style lever, Henry-like U-shaped groove in the forend, a heavy barrel, usually great wood, and classic lines as much as can be had in a production piece. But since its introduction nearly 50 years ago exactly nothing has been done to the Ruger No. 1 to improve it.

Does that mean I think there’s something wrong with the No. 1? Maybe not with all of Ruger’s versions, but I do on the Tropical Rifle. For a rifle designed for serious use against heavy game it has quite a few things wrong with it. Some of them are easy to fix. Other problems are difficult, short of rebarreling.

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