Kart Barrels

Installing a quality aftermarket barrel in 1911 handguns. Kart’s EZ Fit can help save time.

by RK Campbell

The object of a number of projects, the 1911 lends itself well to producing accurate and reliable handguns with proper attention to detail. Over the years I have enjoyed generally good results with a variety of 1911 barrels, including those from Bar-Sto, Nowlin, and the inexpensive Roto. The only barrel I’ve encountered that was actually worn out was in an old GI .45. The rest either met with corrosion or the owner simply wished to upgrade accuracy.

Until recently, my experience with Kart barrels had been limited but I installed one in a project gun with good results. I used a Kart EZ Fit barrel and I was interested in how much time would be saved compared to complete custom fitting and what the results would be. Kart’s instructions indicated it is possible to fit the barrel in about sixty minutes. I admit that claim made me skeptical. Perhaps someone fitting a custom barrel at the Kimber or Springfield custom shop working with the same gun every day, maybe. It made for an interesting test.

The first thing was…

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