SHOT Show 2017

Our Technical Editor’s editorial from Las Vegas.

by Chick Blood

It sounded like every steam pipe in the cavernous Sands Expo complex had all burst simultaneously. A quick reality check revealed it was a collective sigh of relief being expelled by the large assemblage of exhibitors and visitors. Might be a good idea to add your voice as well.

In case you need a reason why, consider these facts: The White House, Senate, and House of Representatives have all turned red. This, we felt, called for as many visits as could be arranged on short notice with major manufacturer or importer executives and developers/users of new technology. We even added the opinions of some old buddies about their expectations for the year ahead.

There was general consensus that sans Hillary and company, all challenges to the Second Amendment would end consideration in the SCOTUS round file. Running a close second was confidence there’d be no massive increase in regulations bearing down to spread more scat on the firearms business, already the most regulated nationwide. Perhaps the worm has reared up and will be fighting back harder than ever. Say why? On the very day our non-binding survey was taken, a bill was introduced in the House enabling coast-to-coast reciprocity for CCW permits.

We have a sneaking suspicion word that bill could be looming got leaked to exhibitors at one or more previous SHOT Shows. CCW firearms have been abundantly on display in recent years. 2017 was no exception. We’ve already reported on several. There are more to come, along with feature articles on such things as one target pistolmaker’s means of repeatedly achieving tolerances virtually unheard of outside of the American Pistolsmiths Guild. Some of these coming attractions are hinted at here with teasing photos and deliberately less-than-descriptive captions.

One of the reasons we travel to SHOT and similar industry gatherings is to get a better-than-average handle on what could be looking for the services of a gunsmith. After all, that is where you get into the action.
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