Are you a gun owner? Know the law and your rights.

Alexandria Kincaid is a firearms law attorney and owns a full-service law firm (, 208/345-6308) with offices in Boise, Idaho and Lake Oswego, Oregon emphasizing estate and business asset protection, constitutional and criminal law, and firearms law. The firm is affiliated with the Fraternal Order of Police and accredited with the Veterans Administration.

Infringed is Kincaid’s broad overview of how the American legal system works and its effect on gun owners. As a pro-gun attorney specializing in this area of law, Kincaid is uniquely qualified to cover and explain these issues and does so in detail.

The book opens with “Section I: The American Legal System”, an eleven chapter summary of how law works. “Section II: The Federal System’s Most Violated Gun Laws” delves deeper into gun law specifics, with chapters detailing the creation and politics behind the National Firearms Act, Gun Control Act of 1968, their impacts, and enforcement. “Section III: Where You Can & Cannot Take a Firearm, and How to Take It There Lawfully” goes into the who, what, and where legal specifics of gun ownership, transfers, carry, transport, trusts, and what you need to know. Finally, “Section IV: The Second Amendment’s Ultimate Protection – Defending Your Life with Deadly Force” details the rights and requirements of what is arguably the most important legal detail for firearms owners: Self defense.

Topics include how to sell or give a gun to someone else without breaking the law, legally transferring or shipping firearms across state lines, legal private party purchases, the legal difference between “possessing” and “owning” firearms, potential legal issues when traveling with firearms, taking guns into the workplace, gun trusts, financial concerns with firearms, the evolution trends in the American legal systems as it pertains to guns, legal concerns with a Federal Firearms License (FFL), and the law about using deadly force to protect your life.

Kincaid is a shooter’s lawyer, being a gun owner and writer herself. This book is useful for all gun owners and doubly so for gunsmiths as it presents the truth about legal concerns with firearms. While licensed in Idaho and Oregon, Alex Kincaid Law clients are nationwide. If you need a lawyer about firearms matters, her firm should be at the top of your list. Reading Infringed just may help you avoid such a need.

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