Springfield XD

Maintenance and improvement of the Springfield XD 9/40, including installing the Powder River Precision spring kit.

by David W. Manney

A customer brought in a Springfield XD to have a Powder River Precision spring kit installed. While not a challenging project for a gunsmith, it can be daunting for the average person. There is a schematic and some brief instruction on a single piece of paper that comes with the kit. The components include a sear spring, trigger, striker safety lever, striker safety spring, two different trigger springs, and two different striker springs.

To change the springs out, the gun will have to be almost completely dissembled. Finish the disassembly and deep clean the gun while you are at it. This is a metric gun, so metric punches are a big plus, especially a 3mm punch. The gun used for this had a 6 pound, 8 ounce trigger pull when started and finished with a 3 pound, 15 ounce pull when completed. There was 1/2” of trigger travel before the striker would release and this dropped to less than a 1/8” with very little over travel.
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