Magpul Bottom Metal

Fitting and using Magpul Hunter 700 bottom metal with a Remington 700 BDL stock.

by Ryan Hoover

I run RH Custom Guns in Fredericksburg, Texas ( and recently had a client of mine wanting a more affordable box magazine system for his daughter’s pet .243 rifle. He said, “I’d like to find something that uses Magpul mags so I can get extras that are less expensive than the traditional metal-type box mag.” He was definitely on to something.

Now, I know that the parts from Magpul aren’t actually made of metal. However, we gunsmiths typically refer to a trigger guard, floorplate, and magazine well as “bottom metal” so I will use that term throughout. Also, it sounds better than “bottom polymer.”

After a little research, I discovered that Magpul has recently released a new polymer trigger guard that has the ability to accept the company’s AICS-pattern P-Mag. This is a polymer magazine designed to fit in any Accuracy International type short-action magazine well. To top it off, the Magpul bottom metal was less than a third of the price of traditional metal detachable mag systems and it came with a five round magazine!

Not knowing if it would fit, I contacted Magpul directly to ask what they thought.

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