New Books from Paul Mazan

From author Paul Mazan.

I have two new books that have just been listed on Both are available in Paperback and Kindle versions.

The first is “American Odyssey” and tells the Story of my Grandfather’s immigration from Poland to The U.S and covers his experience as an immigrant and in WW1. It is a tribute to all the people from all over the world that left their old lives and experienced passing through Ellis Island, Learning the Language while living with family and working menial jobs just to become Americans and secure a future for their children. It also follows him through the chaos of the first months of the War when we were unprepared, the trip to France with the first contingent of American troops , Training and introduction to trench warfare. He experiences the fear of death the painful exposure to Mustard Gas and being wounded.

The second book, “Chicago Rhapsody” is the first in a series of a smart mouth Private Detective who manages to fail at everything he tries until he becomes a cop. Along the way he picks up a K-9 partner who is his equally independent alter ego. If you like snappy dialog, funny situations, shoot outs, and a bit of mystery I think you will find this one right up your dark alley.

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