H&R 922 Trigger Adjustment

Conventional methods of repair won’t always get the job done in a safe and satisfactory manner. Here’s how to adjust and increase the trigger pull weight of an H&R 922 revolver.

by Norman E. Johnson

An older Harrington & Richardson Model 922 .22 revolver was presented to me that had a very light trigger pull. Though it functioned quite well as a double action, the owner felt the trigger was too light when cocking the hammer and shooting it in single action. He had purchased the gun at a reasonable price and wanted to know if I could do anything to correct the problem.

The Model 922 is a double action, nine-shot .22 LR revolver made by H&R from 1950-1982. It appears to be a very well-made, solid frame revolver with 2.5 inch barrel threaded solidly into the frame. The gun has plastic grips which feel good to the hand. I gave the gun a thorough examination to try to determine why the trigger pull was so light. I removed the cylinder and grips to get a closer look, using Gun Scrubber and compressed air to remove excess crud, but it was of no help.

Here’s how I fixed this revolver.

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