Upgrading A Henry Lever Action

Few items of equipment add more usefulness to a rifle than a good sling. Here’s how to add one to a rimfire Henry lever action rifle.

by Norman E. Johnson

A look through the Brownells Number 67 catalog lists over 92,000 products for one’s shooting
needs, including pages of gun slings and attaching swivels and studs. Recently, a hunter/shooter brought me his Henry lever action .22 repeater for installation of a sling. This seemingly easy task was attempted by him on a similar rifle and the job nearly ruined his rifle. But this sling would be different; it was for his son on his birthday – just the ticket for the new .22 lever action Henry rifle.

My customer brought in the rifle with a Brute padded sling made by Outdoor Connection, along with a set of sling swivels by Uncle Mikes. Mounting sling swivels on a rifle equipped with tubular magazine and metal forend band presents a unique task for the less skilled gun owner, so we gunsmiths end up with the job.

Mounting The Sling Swivels

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